MSXdev'14 - Nayade Resistance announced

MSXdev'14 - Nayade Resistance announced

van viejo_archivero op 13-10-2013, 08:33
Onderwerp: Challenges

This edition of the MSXdev'14 keeps bringing us more and more project announcements! Here you have the fourth one: Nayade Resistance!

It seems this time Pentacour is bringing us a shooter in a Gradius way, but adding some puzzles to the mix. He has also released a teaser trailer of the project showing work in progess footage from the very ingame! Take a peek of the project in this Youtube video. Pentacour was the one who surprised us all past summer with his MSXdev'13 entry Slender: The Camping.

Join the MSXdev'14 now! You have plenty of time to come out with a cool MSX game to share with the community, and to get the big prize!

Relevant link: Nayade Resistance

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Van valkyre

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afbeelding van valkyre

13-10-2013, 17:03

looking forward to playing this one.

Van max_iwamoto

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afbeelding van max_iwamoto

13-10-2013, 21:17

Nice trailer Wink

Van JohnHassink

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afbeelding van JohnHassink

14-10-2013, 15:55

Cool! Good luck with the development! Smile