Space Raid

Door nanochess

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16-10-2013, 17:19

Hi everyone.

After working a little too much in MSX and Colecovision, I needed to take a break.

So I made a game called Space Raid for a very similar processor Tongue MOS 6502, in a platform that has lot of sprites (namely 2, also 3 pixels and a background of 40 blocks per line), the Atari VCS or 2600. Big smile

You can download and play the game from here:

A video of the game in action:

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Van pitpan

Prophet (3138)

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16-10-2013, 19:01

Impressive achievement, Oscar. Looks like a mini Zaxxon for the Atari 2600!

Van dink

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16-10-2013, 20:05

Congratulations on your new game, its really nice even for a 2600 game Smile

best regards and thanks!
- dink

Van MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

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17-10-2013, 07:52

I have watched your Space Raid topic from the very beginning, Nanochess! Smile Didn´t ever got any time to give any comments though. Sad But now I am able to give you some comments. Smile

I like your game! Smile Despite what somebody said, the planets size is just allright, I like those planets very much! Smile Please keep them the way they are! Smile They really give player the feeling of flying in space! The stars give me a bit mixed feeling, partly I like them, partly not that much, but I am happy you have made a starfield, Smile as earlier space gave me a feeling of flying in a tunnel in Super Zaxxon! Smile *hint hint for a next game* Wink

Van MäSäXi

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17-10-2013, 13:49

I based my starfield opinion on video, now I downloaded the final version of game and tried it on emulator, now I must say that your starfield looks really impressive! Smile Asteroid too looks very good! Smile Feeling is great during playing! Smile Thank you for very well made Atari 2600 game, nanochess!!!!!!!!!!! Smile

Van nanochess

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17-10-2013, 16:25

@Eduardo: in fact that was the idea, the original Zaxxon for Atari VCS was not isometric!!! Thanks!
@dink: Thanks!
@MäSäXi: Thanks! I'm glad you liked the game. The Youtube video isn't able to show the 60hz tricks.


Van jltursan

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17-10-2013, 22:44

Impressive!. IIRC the VCS 2600 isn't a piece of cake to program, it has a complex display.

Van nanochess

Master (222)

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30-11-2013, 04:24

And now it is going to a cartridge edition with box Big smile