Svi 328 , transfer disk image to real disk

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23-11-2005, 11:30

Hi to all.
This is my first post here.
My nick is omonimo.
I have a question.
I have svi 328 and 318 with expander 605 and 601 and
2 floppy unit , one for each expander, but i have no disk.
I have found cpmss.dsk, cpmds.dsk and basicds.dsk but
i'm no able to transfer to real disks.
I have tried with dcopy with many parameter, with
many floppy unit, 320, 1.2, connected to pc.
I have tried to connect expander's floppy unit
to pc; dcopy write the image, but
svi don't boot.
I also have used msxboot for every disk.

Someone kons if it's possible and then how to do?


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23-11-2005, 12:24

IIRC SVI formats few first tracks to 18 sectors (256 bytes each) Rest of the disk is formatted as on PC... 9 sectors (512 bytes each)

First tracks can be really pain to read/write on modern PC, but rest should not be problem with correct software. First tracks typically contain Disk BASIC, that is loaded on boot time.

Sorry, I don't have solution for you...