OpenMSX launcher 1.1 on Mac: 'Game fields cannot be empty'

Door user888

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22-11-2013, 07:52

Anybody actually using OpenMSX Launcher 1.1 on a Mac (OSX Mavericks).

I need to fill in at least one game rom otherwise I get the not so helpful 'Game fields cannot be empty' message. Cannot roll back to v1.0 either as I cannot seem to find it on the web anymore.

Anybody know the status of NekoLauncher?

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Van Manuel

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22-11-2013, 09:56

Doesn't the latest NekoLauncher work with the latest released openMSX? (I think it does.) Give it a try, I'd say.

Van oelsha

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22-11-2013, 22:43

user888, I am the developer of openMSX Launcher. I believe the error message you're describing was also present in v1.0. If that's not the case, would you describe what you're doing exactly?
If you need v1.0, I can point you to it. Just let me know.