Using IDE disk MSX in another computer.

Door Paulo Volkova

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31-01-2014, 21:01

How to use an IDE disk MSX emulator OpenMSX in another computer, for example?
For example, I created a 30Mb virtual disk (volkova.dsk) on my laptop, and now I want to use it on another PC with the same emulator?

Thank you

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Van mars2000you

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31-01-2014, 21:34

Copy the DSK file on an external PC harddisk for example, then you can copy it on the laptop.

Van Paulo Volkova

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10-02-2014, 05:59

Mars2000you, thanks for the explanation.
The openMSX 0.10.0-50 version solved my problem with the new button "Hard Disk" in Catapult GUI, and the HDD-DSK file (in this case, volkova.dsk) works great on both computers. Simple and fast mount and unmount dsk image.