The Red Book - New release!!

Van hbarcellos

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31-03-2014, 23:29

Well, about books, I'm strongly considering buying a Kindle Paperwhite to save extra space on my shelf.
Is it possible to load PDFs on it? Can I find the "old release" of the red book in pdf easily? Of course I own the original! Smile So, no copyright infringement...

Van BernardBernoulli

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28-07-2014, 07:36

If you want to read PDFs then i think it would be better for you to buy a 10 inch Android Tablet instead.

E-ink displays are great for regular (narrative) books but are quite annoying with technical books and PDF in particular.
They are slow in changing pages, forget scrolling and generally bad when you have to switch from page to page frequently such as in reference and technical books; on the other hand they are very good with narrative books where you seldom change page, scrolling is useless and you have "fluid" layouts.

A Tablet is generally heavier and bulky than an ebook reader, not very good for long time readings and less convenient to take with you on regular basis... but they are way more responsive, scrolling and jumping between bookmarks is very fast and you can zoom in and out easily so they are perfect for PDFs, websites and anything with a fixed (non fluid) layout.