MSX mentioned by AVGN

Door Daemos

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19-04-2014, 19:44

While AVGN made a rampage of the metal gear for NES in his review for it, he praised the MSX version. He actually mentions the MSX2 system and you shortly see a panasonic FSa1-WX in the background and the MSX bootscreen. This is the first time this guy actually talks about MSX. Funnier are his comments about MSX. As if MSX never exsisted out of Japan. Ohw well it was at least mentioned. I feel honored Wink

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Van JohnHassink

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19-04-2014, 21:37

He is not the only one who seems to think "if it was not in the USA, it was Japan-only". Smile

Van Daemos

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19-04-2014, 22:00

Well in the USA MSX was somewhat nearly nonexsistant because of reasons. First C64 won the market wars over there so MSX could not get good ground in the market there. Also manufacturers did not easily go into production with it because of the first reason. No computer no games. So not many games where imported there as well.

Offcourse my comment is based on some speculation.