The Cure on game Cartridge

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Van GhostwriterP

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23-12-2014, 18:10

No worries, I just recently took the time to recover the sources from the old (almost apparently) broken hard disk which I had put into a box a long, long time ago.
But more importantly I also saved the patched Montana John version where I can listen to all the songs without playing through the whole game Wink

Van valkyre

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23-12-2014, 20:01

Does this mean that in the future an enhanced version could be made? Its a great game by the way!


Enlighted (6506)

afbeelding van ARTRAG

23-12-2014, 21:06

If you need help for a 64kb version here I am ! Just ask

Van Fernando Martin Morillo

Supporter (14)

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14-03-2016, 22:49

I've just installed this great game and I like it a lot. The thing is that I can't use the fire button with any of my joysticks, it only works with the space key. Is it right or do I need to buy another joystick?

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