New Youtube MSX Series: MSX Mansion part of RetroWareTV

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Door SkyeWelse

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25-02-2015, 18:52

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to point this out if it wasn't mentioned already.

Banjo Guy Ollie of RetroWareTV has a new MSX series he is doing where he reviews classic MSX games called MSX Mansion. I've checked out two of his videos so far and I like this new series a lot so far, especially for American MSX fans like myself that did not grow up with MSX.
Kings Valley:


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Van fernando.collazo.5682

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25-02-2015, 20:19

Thanks for sharing this channel, really nice reviews.

Van olonguet

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27-02-2015, 16:32

wow. news travels fast Smile
thanks. glad people are enjoying these. I've been looking for MSX reviews on youtube and couln't really find much so I decided to get at them myself Smile
next one is still a toss between Payload , konami pingpong&tennis (combined) or Road Fighter Smile ...

Van erikd

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02-03-2015, 00:10

Very entertaining videos. Looking forward to more MSX coverage Smile

Van Vampier

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02-03-2015, 01:15

I just play stuff and I hardly talk over my videos... I let the games do the talking.

Having that said: still nice videos looking forward to more Smile

Van gamemastermaarten

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03-03-2015, 19:12

Wow good MSX review's. I really love MSX or all the other systems to my collection. Smile2

Van olonguet

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afbeelding van olonguet

04-03-2015, 14:28

thanks a lot guys. glad you liked them Smile

so would you prefer Road Fighter or Payload next ? Smile

Van Manuel

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04-03-2015, 20:49

I love Payload Smile

Van olonguet

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03-05-2015, 12:53

well here it is then. third review on Payload Smile

Van meits

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03-05-2015, 17:17

Haha, you are entertaining... I like it...

Van shaiwa

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afbeelding van shaiwa

04-05-2015, 14:19

5:50 , lol !!
Very nice video's , F2 with payoad omg that simple, thnx. Like most of us tried every option Big smile

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