F4/FMPAC Light Combo Board project

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Van Meits

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08-02-2021, 15:26

Are you sure you can fit a socket and this board and the z80 between the mainboard and the diskdrive? There's practically no space there.

Van rolandve

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09-02-2021, 06:45

Mmm, never thought about that. Thanks for the information!
Anyone found a FD for the MSX type slim? Otherwise a SD/MCC substitute for the floppy drive.

Van ddehaan

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22-02-2021, 13:39

Hi Alexey,

I still have a few questions Smile Am i correct to asume that the IC's on the backside of the board is the F4 portion (wich i don't need)?

IC2 and IC3 are kind of tough to find in a D package. Ordered the wrong ones from Aliexpress (the non D versions) and of course they don't fit Smile If the backside isn't needed for the FM Pac portion, i don't have to get them Smile

I also couldn't find a

Kind regards,

Van ddehaan

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22-02-2021, 17:26

Never mind, found the parts Smile

Van Alexey

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22-02-2021, 18:55

The board has distinct markings for what ICs belong to FMPAC and what belong to port F4. The chips are basic logic ICs that are sold in any decent electronics store and on Ebay. Aliexpress has plenty of them. Good that you found the parts you need.

Van ddehaan

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23-02-2021, 15:56

Look at the board a little closer and figured it out Smile I could not find IC2 and IC3 on Aliexpress in a D variant. I ordered the normal variant, but they don't fit (pins don't line up) Smile Good thing Aliexpress is cheap Smile

Found the IC's and i am waiting for them. Rest of the board has been soldered. Curious if i'll get it to work Smile

Thanks for the help Wink

Van galatronic

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13-08-2021, 22:05

Hi guys, I upgraded my 8235 to MSX2+ and I added this F4/FMPAC card today; I used the signals from the rear slot port and it works flawlessy, but I see that no other cartridge works in the rear slot now. Anybody know if there is a solution tu use the internal FMPAC card leaving free to use the rear slot port? thanks in advance

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