Urgent alert to MSX2/2+ owners: suicide capacitors on HIC-1 daughterboard

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Van Pac

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13-02-2021, 19:07

Van VegaVegas

Resident (59)

afbeelding van VegaVegas

13-02-2021, 22:37

Whenever I got my Sony MSX2 then I unscrewed it and cleaned it up right away and after that replaced the caps on the spot so thanks for sharing the info :-)

Van Alexey

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afbeelding van Alexey

15-02-2021, 16:28

Is there any interest in making new versions of these boards?

Van meits

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afbeelding van meits

15-02-2021, 17:46

I think there could possibly be quite some situations where replacement would be easier/cheaper than repair, provided you plan to sell populated boards as well.

Van VegaVegas

Resident (59)

afbeelding van VegaVegas

15-02-2021, 17:49

I suspect if the caps have gone so bad they started to corrode everything (hopefully not) then yes, otherwise probably no

Van sd_snatcher

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afbeelding van sd_snatcher

15-02-2021, 20:44

New PCBs would be very helpful to anyone whose HIC-1 got damaged by leaky capacitors.

If the HIC-1 is going to be redesigned, its a great opportunity to upgrade it to the CXA2075 and add pads for an S-Video output.

That crazy audio preamp made with a NOT port could be a challenge to tweak if the exact same chip isn't found though.

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