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Van HansO

Paladin (672)

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02-01-2017, 12:37

The MSX Info pages are being converted to a Wordpress site at the moment. Safer, faster, ready for longterm support. And hopefully less errors.

Will take at least several days to finish. Dont worry, it will be back soon!

The conversion will break all deeplinks like the one above. Also all files will get a different location (will be cloud based in the near future).
This will also break the links to manuals on my site from the msx.org wiki pages as I will disable these deeplinks and refer this to the homepage. I do not intend to serve as file service for others, my pages are what matters for me.
I tried to communicate this via email a couple of weeks ago with the msx.org staff, but I am not getting a response.

Van DarkSchneider

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02-01-2017, 13:10

OK, good to know it has not fallen.

Van Manuel

Ascended (18398)

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02-01-2017, 15:42

HansO: thanks for the update and good luck with the upgrade! About contacting MRC staff: I'm not sure that's useful. Any user can put such deep links on the Wiki...

Van Josb

Master (205)

afbeelding van Josb

26-09-2017, 18:33

As I don't want to open another thread for my simple question and it is related to this one. I would like to ask whether MSX-C has some kind of incompatibility to NEXTOR. I'm probing some codes with the Lavandeira's c.bat and it always gets "system error 64 reading drive H:" when calling m80 assembler.


Van Josb

Master (205)

afbeelding van Josb

26-09-2017, 20:55

ok, I think the problem is that MSX-C version 1.2 only works under MSX-DOS 2.20

Van ericb59

Paragon (1058)

afbeelding van ericb59

16-10-2017, 13:50

Hello Every one,

I cannot read all this topic because there are more than 50 pages, but I think the topic is related to MSX-C compiler ? Right ?

I would like to use SDCC compiler, because it's far more easy to code from a modern computer. Does someone use it ?
I found some interesting librairies for SDCC, but not my needed functions.
I need, SCREEN 8 / SCREEN12 screen enable function.
COPY VRAM Functions like the COPY Basic function.
LOAD File Function

Is someone have a SDCC MSX library that can be share ?

Van Wolverine_nl

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16-10-2017, 14:18

Van ericb59

Paragon (1058)

afbeelding van ericb59

16-10-2017, 17:44

Thanks... But no... There is not what I need.

I 've found this nice lib : http://smecers.appspot.com/SDCC_msx/index.htm
But there is no Screen8 / 12 possibilities.
Perhaps it's easy to implement , but I do not have knowledge to do it myself... :-)

Van ericb59

Paragon (1058)

afbeelding van ericb59

16-10-2017, 20:50

Just found the lib I found (see upper link) is in fact the Solid C Library port for SDCC
( http://smecers.appspot.com/SDCC_msx/SDCC_msx.zip)

The library doesn't seems to be 100% complete indeed.

Van AxelStone

Prophet (3064)

afbeelding van AxelStone

17-10-2017, 14:02

Hi Eric, you are right, SDCC is a powerful cross compiler, however it has a serious problem: its lack of libraries. I decided to use MSX-C basically because it has the best set of libraries, the official ASCII MSX-C libs for handle basically all aspects of MSX. There is a way to get a "more or less" confortable MSX dev environment using MSX-C: OpenMSX + folder as disk.

1.- Follow steps of http://www.lavandeira.net/relearning-msx/ to setup your environment.
2.- Using OpenMSX, use feature "folder as disk". In that folder you edit your sources using a modern editor like Notepad++.
3.- Compile it using OpenMSX throtle function (F9) to speed up compilation.

It's not perfect since PC compilation with SDCC will be faster, but you have a lot of libraries available. I hope that in a near future SDCC will have as many libraries as MSX-C :(

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