Can't run Star Avenger on openMSX

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Van tvalenca

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21-09-2015, 19:51

ricbit wrote:

Gradient Expert DD Plus is an MSX(1) with a built-in DD disk (720kb, 3.5").

it indeed have built in FDD, but it also have RAM on an expanded slot. Several MSX1 game loaders had issues with that. Been there, done that!

Van andrear1979

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19-10-2019, 19:42

(yes, I do apologize for reviving such an old thread)

andrear1979 wrote:

Tested and confirmed: Star Avenger runs on openMSX + Philips VG8020 + ext. Philips VY 0010 + 360KB disk image.

To avoid confusion: I mean VG8020/00; it didn't work on VG8020/20.

Manuel wrote:

For UK software I always use the Toshiba HX-10. It was so common in the UK that most of their software works on it.

I confirm your suggestion Manuel, Star Avenger works for me too on a Toshiba HX-10.

Van ducasp

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28-10-2019, 15:40

ren wrote:
ricbit wrote:

Gradient Expert DD Plus is an MSX(1) with a built-in DD disk (720kb, 3.5").

Ah, cool! Thanks for the heads-up!
(That machine should have gotten my attention when browsing the wiki... ;))
Though DD means Double Density, which is something else than Double Sided, right? (So arguably the naming of the machine is wrong? ;))

Hmmmm Remember it was meant to the Brazilian market, but, anyway, in this case it is probably an english word, but not double density, I would bet it means Disk Drive, which was the common term in Brazil for it (Drive de Disquete or in English, Disk Drive).

Those two computers were really not well accepted in Brazil, first, DD Plus was more expensive than buying a separate MSX and a disk drive + interface... Second, both Plus (the disk drive less brother) and DD Plus had tons of issues with current software being "sold" (as 99% was piracy) on tapes on disks would have issues due to RAM being placed in a sub-slot as well the MSX engine + buffer causing issues with some interfaces and making it very hard / uninteresting to upgrade it to MSX2 or 2+.... Too bad Gradiente did not went the extra mile and made it a MSX2 like originally planned (at this point in time Gradiente was shifting their resources / attention to other projects/resources so MSX was no longer big for them)

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