Job offer - Debian software packaging expert

Door Louthrax

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27-01-2016, 18:27

Hi all,

That's a job offer for a "one-time" project, for a big US-based company. This project involves creating a Debian package in order to install a Java-based Windows software on Debian, using WineHQ emulation. The installer will have to follow strict Debian packaging rules.

The project might not be so easy (Java, Wine, strict installation rules), so I'm really looking for someone experienced here.

Send me a PM if you are interested.



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Van Louthrax

Prophet (2400)

afbeelding van Louthrax

28-01-2016, 21:18

Small clarification: the software to package is "Java based" but also uses a lot of C code through JNI with Win32 dependencies, that's why we need Wine.

Van o.geerdink

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29-01-2016, 09:45

Did you receive my e-mail Big smile I don't trust this site Tongue

Van Louthrax

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29-01-2016, 13:06

Hi Onno,

Yes, I send you a reply. Maybe it was spam-detected ? Will send it again.

EDIT: email just resent. Let me know if you do not receive it.