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01-02-2016, 17:37

Dear people. Once I had this nice program DISK2ROM but I can't find it anywhere anymore. Google can't help me either.
Someone who can send it to me?
Would be nice Smile

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Van larsthe18th

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01-02-2016, 18:02

DSK2ROM v0.80 is available HERE

Van Meits

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01-02-2016, 18:54

Great, thanks...

Van clach04

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26-04-2019, 08:00

This post is the first hit I get on google for dsk2rom.

Home page is http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~vincentd/ (I found the link in https://www.msx-center.com/articles/12/review-manufacturers-... )

And github page is https://github.com/joyrex2001/dsk2rom

Posting home page so its even easier to find :-)