A Way to Msx Portable

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16-02-2016, 19:05

look at this
Are you thinking the same thing I am thinking about?

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Van RetroTechie

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17-02-2016, 10:56

I'm thinking hardware-wise, this is probably similar to the ZX Spectrum Vega from the earlier Indiegogo campaign. Basically an emulator running on ARM-based SoC. But with a new design + LCD screen slapped on (why not OLED btw?).

I like it, but for both I'd first like to hear some more about how hackable either device is: any code / tech docs / schematics released? Firmware user-moddable? Can external keyboard be attached? I've heard some rumours / good intentions in that direction, but nothing concrete so far. If the answer is "no" to most of such questions, it's just a dumb console imho (no matter how nice for Speccy fans which includes me), and I'd get one when it finds its way to the bargain bin.

If the answer is "yes" to most of such questions, it would be a very interesting device to hack (and slap MSX emulator on there? Wink ), and I'd be much more interested in buying one. Unfortunately I've got little $$ atm to support the campaign. But it looks like they're covered already. Smile

Van cax

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17-02-2016, 11:16

Did you try running openmsx or fmsx on Dingoo?

Van Wild_Penguin

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17-02-2016, 15:41

I've run openMSX on the GCW Zero. It run's quite well, actually.

IMHO this kind of device is way more usable and has a larger potential user base, than a device meant to be a portable version of any single retro gaming/computer standard. I do not care if it is emulated or not (since the whole concept is too far away from the original thing anyways), so it really does not make any sense to make (or force!) it to support just one standard.

Too bad there have been small design issues with the GCW Zero, mainly the buttons being too tight / wrong material causing excessive friction when pressing them (which can be "fixed" with silicone grease, but yeah). Also, the firmware still does not provide all the advertised features, like the mini-HDMI, and I'm not even sure USB-OTG works.

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17-02-2016, 18:21

GCV ZERO and DINGOO seems a debian device with openmsx running on.
I thought that the new VEGA+ maybe is something like Altera based (like OCM or NEO ZEMMIX).

In that case not only a emulator but something more near to an msx.

Or not?

Van cax

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17-02-2016, 19:36

According to retro-computers.co.uk forum it's a i.MX23 ARM SoC with ZX emulated in software.