The Netherlands institute of Sound and Vision has added a collection of 50 early computer games by Dutch developer Radarsoft to their collection. The article mentions the most successful release of the software company was Eindeloos, which sold 15.000 copies within two weeks. Other well known Radarsoft releases are games such as Breaker, Zoo, De Grotten van Oberon and Radx-8 and a slew of educational releases that were frequently used in Dutch schools. The company still exists, and currently focuses completely on e-learning and educational software.

Relevant link: Press release on Radarsoft's donation

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Van Manuel

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28-03-2016, 22:11

Oh, too bad that ths was 1.5 months ago... looks like there was an interesting speaker at the event that came with it.

Van spacemoai1973

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29-03-2016, 20:03

Very nice! I go visit it with my kids Big smile

Van Hrothgar

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29-03-2016, 22:58

On Eindeloos: "The smooth scrolling was unique for the time".
The vid on Youtube looks rather unsmooth and flickering though. Was that also the case on real hardware?

I recall the Topografie series as really nice games where the smooth scrolling did work mostly properly - indeed they pioneered on early smoothscroll implementations with sprite based border masking, something that was repeated way too infrequently in the later MSX2 years.

Funny to see that someone actually kept all those original boxes during the three decades.. Brings back memories of a dream I once had, visiting the old computer store from the '80s to ask whether they still had any MSX games, and being brought to the basement where they had that whole collection of stuff that they moved there because nobody bought it anymore :)

Van Manuel

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29-03-2016, 23:26

The flickering vertical bar on the left is a bug indeed, that also occurs on real hardware. But on most monitors you don't see it Smile

Van Grauw

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29-03-2016, 23:32

I remember De Grotten van Oberon fondly. Youtube tells me there’s also an (English) C64 version! I also played Breaker (it’s great!) and Radx-8 a lot, and indeed they also had a bunch of their educational games at my middle school.

Van ro

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30-03-2016, 10:19

Yes, Radarsoft. I clearly remember their software!
When I was introduced to MSX, there was GrottenVanOberon which I played for days.

Good to see these original pieces are being archived.

Van mesiasmsx

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02-04-2016, 00:21

Very nice. I remenber in a spanish magazine (Input MSX) appear a review from RAD-X8