The MSX Community ain't that bad

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Van mars2000you

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25-02-2003, 21:02

I'm not really surprised by the harsch discussions on the Spanish mailing list about the Anti-MSX Revival Manifest, it's the logical result of the censorship on : when people feel or think that they are manipulated, they become very nervous ...

Another thing : I can confirm that the text of this manifest has been revisited to get a better English version and to take in consideration some critics (especially the fact that this manifest is approved only by a part of the MSX community and is not representative of the entire MSX community). This work has been done by msxgamesbox, but the text is not necessary what he thinks himself about the MSX Revival.

Van snout

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25-02-2003, 23:16

A different point of view on new developments (revival, recycling MegaROMs, commercialisation, internationalization etc.) doesn't necessarily mean people of the MSX Community don't get along at all. It just means there is place for a good discussion.

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