Article about Japanese computers

Door Manuel

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20-06-2016, 22:05


Might be fun for y'all to read... mentions MSX too, of course.

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Van enribar

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21-06-2016, 00:12

bah... the old same bullshit copy&paste story... no msx, no article...

Van iamweasel2

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21-06-2016, 18:18

Hmmm, is the article accurate? for instance, was MSX really the 4th place in machines sales in Japan? I thought it was more popular than that.

Van Akiguchi

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21-06-2016, 18:38

MSX always seems to fall of the map in these kind of articles. Maybe it isn't so sexy to westerners as it wasn't only exclusive to Japan markets. People want mysteries and rare machines and MSX isn't so much of that. When I read comments about from westerners about japanese computers it's always about NEC having the best versions or Sharp or FM-Towns. Very strange thinking and not very accurate that is in my opinion.