MemoryMapper on openMSX win32 ??

Door Retroman

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24-02-2003, 21:50

Ok, I know I can change the MAIN RAM in XML Config for more Ram, but is it possible to stay at eg. 128KB Main Ram and add an external 2MB Memory Mapper to Slot 1 for example ???

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Van mth

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25-02-2003, 01:06

You can simply add a second mapper in a different slot. There is currently no difference between internal mappers and external mappers in openMSX. This will change in the future, we've started a discussion after Manuel referred to your post on the developer's mailing list.

Van Retroman

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25-02-2003, 15:02

thx 8) I will use 2MB Main Ram until then but it´s not the same if you want to compare the real thing and try to use exactly that setup on the emu Wink

Van snout

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25-02-2003, 23:22

It's nice to see developers finding their way to these forums as well. Keep up the good work! Smile