philips nms 8035 360 kb help

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Van hamlet

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27-08-2016, 14:41

The VG8235 didn´t have the sound issuses problems.
As I know the 823x was manufactured by NEC, the 825/8x was made by Sanyo. They had different motherboard architecture.

Van tiziano.s.marcozzi

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28-08-2016, 12:27

thanks to all!
yes i'm planning to buy an sd cartridge for my msx and saw the megaflashrom + scc + 512kb
but also the 8bitforever one which costs much less than the former. what do you think about that last one?

for the drive, if i understood well, i may copy msx1 games on 360kb formatted disks and play them with ease

Van Meits

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28-08-2016, 12:44

If you don't want to be obstructed by limitations the expensive one is the only way to go. It's complete in every way and because of that it's beginning to be quite the standard.

Some things other flashroms don't (always) have.

  • room for big roms
  • being able to flash DSK files. This one can flash 9(!) at the same time.
  • it has an SCC+ built in
  • it has a PSG clone built in. There are reasons for that. Internal PSG is not always the best there is.
  • it has a Nextor (DOS2) kernel built in. Ask around if you want to know if Nextor is built for this beast cuz I'm not sure.
  • it has room for 1 or 2 µSDHC cards. Up to 4GB per partition. FAT16 out of the box. This means you can house all interresting/popular/good MSX software ever released in one cartridge which acts as if it's a harddisk was before the flashcards entered the MSX scene.
  • the µSD cards can be filled on your PC at any time since the thing is hot swappable.
  • to be able to service most MSXers there's a model with 512kB RAM expansion in it since you need RAM to load Nextor, 128kB would not be enough to load128 kB stuff.

Some "megaflashROM's" have one or two of the options above but never all. If you want all in seperate cartridges, you'll have to spend quite a bit more and you'll need some more cartridge slots than your MSX has.

People who don't have this thing really do miss out on something.
People who do have this thing consider this as the most important thing they ever bought for their MSX.

So, buy it. You won't regret (well okay, only once, while you pay the thing, but after that? nah)

Van tiziano.s.marcozzi

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06-10-2016, 07:48

Ok thanks a lot! I ll look forward to buy a megaflash rom

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