P2000 anyone?

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Door Manuel

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26-10-2016, 21:34

Is somewhere here familiar with Philips P2000?

I got my hands on a P2000T with the following stuff:

  • 2 P2000-binds with manuals in Dutch and English
  • 1 large stack of news letters of the Nat. Lab. Computer Club
  • 1 set cartridges with a Laservision label
    • P 2304 FAMILIEGEHEUGEN Rel.2.0
  • 1 set with a normal label:
    • P 2306 Basic Interpreter 24K (Part 1)
    • P 2305 Basic Interpreter 16K
    • P 2301 Tekstbewerking
    • P 2174 Serial Interace (V24), with cable and LED
    • P 2173 IEC-BUS interface
  • a set of 5.25" floppies. The most special ones:
    • IEC FUNCTIONS (FOR UCSD p-SYSTEM) 8702 217 30001 P 2173
    • Demo program for Touch Screen: Main programs, text & data files 3122 119 13270 (P)
    • BASIC-VOLORG 8702 230 60185 P 2306 (PART 3)

Questions I have:
- Is there anything special in this list or is it all standard stuff?
- What is a BIS EDITOR?
- Why do some cartridges have that Laservision label?
- How much software was written for P2000T anyway? I can't find more than 20 or 30 titles.
- Too bad there's no disk drive with it (strangely enough, as I did get floppies). Can one get a drive for it still?
- What else can be said about it?
- What does the specific type code on the back mean exactly?


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Van mars2000you

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26-10-2016, 21:51

Maybe this emulator will interest you:


Van Manuel

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26-10-2016, 21:50

Thanks, I've seen it, but it doesn't answer my questions.

Van tfh

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26-10-2016, 22:50

LOL.. Memories Smile We had those at school.
There were 16 P2000T(ape) computers and one P2000M (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philips_P2000#P2000M), which was used by the teacher. This machine had 2 5.25" Floppy drives. I think the floppies probably belong to such a machine. I doubt there was an external drive available for the P2000T.

Van mars2000you

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26-10-2016, 22:54

You need the M version to get a disk drive.

See here : http://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c=1042

But it was also maybe possible to replace the built-in cassette reader of the T model by a disk drive ...

Van edoz

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27-10-2016, 08:23

I think the P2000 is sold in the Netherlands only. So maybe all your stuff is already a bit rare now days!

Van luppie

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28-10-2016, 00:32

Also the computer that was used at my school (LTS Assen 1987 ~ 1991)
We used to program in Basic on it and connect the LPT port to a traffic light system.
OUT &H378,1 or something like that Big smile

My first computer experience, Good Times. (also the little cassetes)

That was also the time, when you press 'Print Screen' a real peace of paper was coming out of the printer Tongue


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07-07-2020, 12:19

are there still P2000 users active?

Van jltursan

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07-07-2020, 18:38

LOL!, the Symbiface III could end up being the most compatible 8-bit hardware of all times!. Nice to see it working too in the P2000, I was already very impressed when gflorez show me the card working in his Enterprise.

Van hamlet

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07-07-2020, 20:13

Haha! I can't believe this! Amazing! Great work TMT!


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07-07-2020, 23:26

you see the SE-ONE part of the SF3.
I am looking for enthusiastic users of this p2000.
then I can map the memory in the SF3 especially for the P2000.
the SF3 has its own onboard jtag programmer. and can be easily converted to another type of computer.
such as CPC MSX PCW ENTERPRISE SC3000 P2000 and what follows.
not every computer type has the same possibilities.
we are working with it

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