Panasonic FS-PC1 Color Printer

Door kassan99

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01-12-2016, 17:09

Hi again guys

as I mentioned in the other thread I am also selling a FS-PC1 which I bought alongside the A1GT from new in Japan.
must have printed a grand total of 5 pages with it

Had a few offers however it didn't sell
It "seems" some people can't actually read ;) ;)
I'm talking about the fact the ink cartridges have dried out/unusable so new ones must be purchased from Japan
I did clearly specify it, in bold red characters, guess it wasn't enough ;(

that price is pretty much just an Ebay placeholder
unlike the Turbo-R I'm open to any sort of offers for this one, given it comes with no ink


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Van kassan99

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04-12-2016, 20:26

it was taking too long to sell it
so I changed it to regular auction