MSXPi - MSX Raspberry Pi Interface under development

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Door ronivon

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afbeelding van ronivon

16-01-2017, 15:58

Hi everyone.

I have been working on this project for a while to provide easy MSX access to resources on / through Raspberry Pi.
The project is in advanced stage with three working prototypes, more coming soon.

I am sharing a album with some photos, and vídeos on youtube showing the prototypes and some of the currently implemented resources:

google photo album:

Videos on youtube:

MSXPi with integrated ROM:

Running remote commands on Pi, download a game from internet, loading into MSX, executing.

MSX chat with PI:

These are functional programs, developed using a base set of ready-to-use sub-routines in Assembly (MSX) and C(Raspberry Pi). I will make these resources available for interested developers, whom demonstrate interest in developing for MSXPi.

Also, I will be making available a few more prototypes at reduced "development kit" cost, to facilitate access.

Now this is a "call for developers" to contact me and to demonstrate interest in developing for MSXPi.
If you have the required knowledge, and might have some ideias on how to use this kit to develop cool applications for MSX, get in touch.

It works on any MSX 1, 2, 2+, Turbo R.

I would say the I am looking for people who can develop in Z80 assembly for MSX and C for Raspberry Pi.
Developing for MSXPi include both creating code on MSX side and Pi side, but applications can be developed in teams, such that part of the team can work on MSX and part on Raspberry Pi.

A single person can also do a lot, this is not rocket science, a set of routines will be provided (basic IO functions is provided for example, plus some handy functions to send commands, transfer text, binary files, parse commands and parameters, check Pi status, etc).
Also, you will have access to all source code available so far, to build on top of it, and a technical reference guide.

I expect costs to be very low for the development kits.

Please leave your comment here if interested, and them contact me in private for further details.

I am currently in Brazil, but will be in UK mid February and should have a few samples available - I mean no more than five boards.

That is it for now.

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Van x-nen Aivalahostia

Paragon (1253)

afbeelding van x-nen Aivalahostia

16-01-2017, 17:19

Hello! Nice work!!
I'm working on a CustoMSX project This is an Altera DE1 board width 4 slots, Diy zone and GPIO to conect a Raspberry, the slots and DIY zone working, but the GPIO not (we don't have more fee time).
We like collaborate width your project if it is possible.

Van st1mpy

Hero (555)

afbeelding van st1mpy

16-01-2017, 20:15

I've seen your youtube videos before, its very interesting!
I'm interested in contributing, it is similar to what I was doing with my port of zx spi interface, is your interface talking to raspberry pi via Spi/i2c/uart?
I was connecting SPI based devices directly to this MSX to SPI bridge, without arduino, but arduino could be connected, and I was going to connect a raspberry pi eventually or even a PC. connecting a raspberry pi is more intetesting as its more powerful. although, I didn't like the fact it doesn't support spi slave mode.
btw, I think your private messaging facility is not working here...

Van MsxKun

Paladin (951)

afbeelding van MsxKun

16-01-2017, 20:21

Cute Big smile

Van Manuel

Ascended (17048)

afbeelding van Manuel

16-01-2017, 23:39

So, what's happening? There's some kind of command interface to the RPi? And what does the MSX see of the cartridge? How does the MSX get to boot stuff from the RPi? The cart includes some kind of RAM or flash which the RPi can access? Tell a bit more about your technology! Smile

Van ronivon

Expert (73)

afbeelding van ronivon

17-01-2017, 00:31

The cart has a very simple design, and basically it provides SPI-like communication with the Pi. MSX access to the cart/Pi is done using two IO ports.

The main catch here is to have the Pi integrated into the cart. And having MSX to execute commands on Pi, which is inside a cart plugged into a slot... that is really cool, and opens a wide range of applications. Of course other applications can be quickly developed and added to the existing Client component. For example, just this afternoon I added http capability to the LOAD command, allowing MSX to run games downloaded from a web server with a single command. Of course, a complete loader like EXECROM ou LOADRUN must be ported to MSXPi before it will be possible to run 32k or megarom games.

MSX access to Pi is done using a simple protocol.
Applications consists of a client component (MSX), and a server component (Pi).
That's why a mentioned that Z80 assembly and C is required to develop for the MSXPi.

Van ghost_jp

Master (134)

afbeelding van ghost_jp

17-01-2017, 00:40

Remarkable!! Splendid!!

Van andrea.denara

Resident (60)

afbeelding van andrea.denara

17-01-2017, 16:50

Best solution should be a raspberry PI as a programmable cartridge\expansion.
Every kind of add on, (example Ram\sound cartridge\ HDMI out and so on) should pass in raspberry and the output connected to him.

There's some possibilities to do that?


Van ronivon

Expert (73)

afbeelding van ronivon

18-01-2017, 03:11

I am pretty happy with current design.
It will allow an endless number of applications to be built on top of it - of course not everything everyone want, that will never happen by the way.
On a second version maybe it will have even more capabilities... but at this time, projects have to stick to what is possible to implement using serial communication.

andrea.denara wrote:

Best solution should be a raspberry PI as a programmable cartridge\expansion.
Every kind of add on, (example Ram\sound cartridge\ HDMI out and so on) should pass in raspberry and the output connected to him.

There's some possibilities to do that?


Van ronivon

Expert (73)

afbeelding van ronivon

26-01-2017, 01:37

New video uploaded: MSXPi update

New implementation "DOS-like" commands allowing to transparently access http, ftp, windows shares, etc jus just like accessing local files in a disk.

Still looking for developers...

Van st1mpy

Hero (555)

afbeelding van st1mpy

26-01-2017, 09:50

what is the data speed of your serial OUT? So if you have in Raspberry Pi a code running a VDP or a Sound Chip just waiting for OUT to a port, can it receive at the same rate as a real devices in the MSX?

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