VG8235 joy port 1 troubles

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Van AxelStone

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19-03-2017, 21:19

Jipe wrote:

if your 8235 model is 20 or 39 check LF23 , Q1 2SC2603 and R16 10K resistor

if your 8235 model is 00 or 19 check LF72 , Q8 2SC2603 and RA9 22K resistor pin 7 of RA9

It seems you found the key, I've detected that Q1 is in short-circuit, most probably is the cause. I've bought some replacements, waiting to receive them and confirm it. thanks.

Van sunn

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25-05-2021, 07:48

Were you able to repair it? Or am I perhaps receiving your old Philips VG 8235 from the mail as it has this same problem Smile

Van AxelStone

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25-05-2021, 13:31

Hello, finally I sold it to a guy that wanted in that state to fix by himself. I don't know if at the end he fixed it Smile

Van MsxKun

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25-05-2021, 16:10

My 8250 has the same problem but only with Fire button 2.
Pluging some joysticks fixes it, with some other, not. Would be good to know if it can be repaired and how.

Van Repair-Bas

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26-05-2021, 08:13

Changing the engine, then problem is solved

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