MSX in Hong Kong

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02-04-2017, 17:48

I am in Hong Kong at the moment, and I wonder if anyone knows of shops here that sell MSX/related stuff, or any other old japanese homecomputers. All I have been able to find is consoles and games (both old and new).

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Van msd

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02-04-2017, 18:09


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02-04-2017, 18:15

msd wrote:


But he never learned to speak the local language

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02-04-2017, 18:47

That was about the limit of what I can read.

When were you here msd?

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22-05-2017, 20:47

For those who are interested: I found a grand total of 0 MSX computers and software.

I did find a few shops selling old and retro stuff, but didn't buy anything. I really wanted that boxed Wondermega that was for sale in one of the shops, unfortunately the price was a bit too much for my wallet (iirc somewhere in the €1000 region).


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06-11-2017, 14:32

hi i am from hong kong, i highly recommand a shop called gamerun! at shum shui po just search its fb page

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18-05-2019, 05:44

Spectravideo made a few MSX computers back then, it was still from Hong Kong though. Smile