VG8020/40 mainboard schematics / service manual

Door SkalTura

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10-04-2017, 11:00

Hello all,

As mentioned on several websites, including this one, the VG8020/40 is the same as the /20 with some fixes on the mainboard. But does anyone have a service manual with schematics of what these fixes are ?
I can only seem to find the /00 version service manual, and my mainboard is clearly different from that one.

Thank you very much

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Van RetroTechie

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10-04-2017, 16:44

Doesn't exist afaik. Sad

There's 4 main parts, really:
* Main board - see S3527 datasheet, NMS8220, NMS8245 or other service manual that uses same MSX engine, and perhaps do a bit of circuit board tracing.
* Video encoder board. Might be same as on the /00 or at least similar (dunno, never checked).
* Power supply. See NMS8245 service manual and/or find an STR2005 datasheet. Not that you need either, apart from the +5V circuit using a switcher it's a really simple psu.
* Mechanical parts - probably same as for the /00.

But yes, I'd also like to know what exact differences are between the /20 and /40. If any.. LOL!

Van SkalTura

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11-04-2017, 11:58

Okay, thank you for the help.
I'll try to figure it out using the other manuals aswell...