NMS8235/00 manual with visible pcb traces?

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Van olliraa

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afbeelding van olliraa

10-06-2017, 17:08

Oops, sorry or the question marks. Smileys from the Samsung do not seem to work :/

Van Jipe

Paragon (1404)

afbeelding van Jipe

10-06-2017, 19:37

i have the original service manual of VG8235/00/02/19
i trying scan it , have not many color on main printed board , just grey , black and blue
exist 2 main board , one with additional card

Van olliraa

Champion (306)

afbeelding van olliraa

10-06-2017, 21:15

That would be great Jipe Smile

Van erikmaas

Resident (63)

afbeelding van erikmaas

12-06-2017, 11:41

What you described in your mail is a rolling picture with normal colors (I assume via SCART). Also you mentioned you measured the sync signals on the V9958 to be correct.
Did you do more modifications than just replacing the V9938 with the V9958?

Van olliraa

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afbeelding van olliraa

13-06-2017, 15:53

Hi erikmaas Smile

Actually, we did not change anything else. However, there was some surface damage near the vdp, but we're not actually sure if it was there from the beginning. The traces have been fixed, but testing them properly was impossible without the schematics Jipe kindly scanned for me Smile We'll start investigating the poor Philips as soon as my skilled friend has time.

I'll post a link to the scans after checking it's ok from Jipe.

Van olliraa

Champion (306)

afbeelding van olliraa

15-06-2017, 16:58

Here are the scans kindly made by Jipe converted from png to pdf by me:


Van jltursan

Prophet (2344)

afbeelding van jltursan

15-06-2017, 19:31

Good work, thanks! Smile

Van hamlet

Scribe (3262)

afbeelding van hamlet

15-06-2017, 21:21

Ah! Thank you!

Van HansO

Paladin (672)

afbeelding van HansO

16-06-2017, 10:33

The hires scans are added to the Manuals and Guides on the MSX Info Pages, thanks Jipe!

Van mohai

Paladin (899)

afbeelding van mohai

16-06-2017, 22:09

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