Konami Yie Ar Kung Fu "cartoonish"

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21-08-2017, 12:50

Cartoonish version of the Japanese Yie Ar Kung Fu game. Game is complete (cart + manual + box - all parts are correspondingly from same version) and condition is good, photos:

Can deliver more detailed photos when needed.

Price 100 Euro + shipping costs (from cheapest as possible to insured (expensive) - whatever buyer decides...)
Payment: bank transfer or Paypal (send money to a friend)

E-mails, please. My E-mail address can be found from my profile.

Can be also traded, for example these are noted in trade:

Loose carts:

Nemesis 2
Nemesis 3

Complete (bigger version): Green Beret

EU-version manuals (or complete games):

Hyper Sports 2
Hyper Sports 3

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23-08-2017, 14:01

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