Philips Vintage Weekend 2018

Philips Vintage Weekend 2018

van Manuel op 05-03-2018, 18:23
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For the second time the Philips Museum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, organizes a Philips Vintage Weekend. Collectors of Philips products like MFB speakers, irons, Video2000, LaserVision, light bulbs, Philishaves, vacuum cleaners, transistor radios and ProfVideo equipment will be present to show part of their collection, discuss and retrieve memories with visitors.

Like last year Manuel and Bas040 will be present as well to give MSX the stage it deserves. They will show different computers from the first Philips MSX, the VG8000, to their flagship NMS8280 and several peripherals. Last year they enjoyed seeing people getting excited while playing MSX games they played for the last time over more than 30 years ago.

See here, between minute 2 and 5, for an impression of last year’s Vintage Weekend with quite some MSX in the footage.

Will you meet them there?

Vintage Philips Weekend 2018

To get you a bit in the Philips mood, check out these two videos:

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  • Philips Vintage Weekend 2018
  • Philips Vintage Weekend 2018

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Van edoz

Prophet (2310)

afbeelding van edoz

05-03-2018, 20:59

Nice! Last year it was very nice to see to collection of all those nice MSX machines! Maybe i will have a look again!

Van djh1697

Paragon (1508)

afbeelding van djh1697

05-03-2018, 23:46

No manufacturer in the UK has such events, as far as I know, although Linn (HiFi manufacturer) do factory tours, they are in Glasgow. However, the Retro computer Museum is in Leicester, which is nice Wink

Van The_Engineer

Master (168)

afbeelding van The_Engineer

29-03-2018, 15:14

Looking forward to see Manuel and Bas040 with the MSX collection!

Van Manuel

Ascended (17256)

afbeelding van Manuel

30-03-2018, 07:30

We won't bring in a complete collection this time, as no one was really interested in it. Just common stuff people will recognize.

Van Manuel

Ascended (17256)

afbeelding van Manuel

07-04-2018, 00:37

Reminder: it's this weekend!

Van The_Engineer

Master (168)

afbeelding van The_Engineer

08-04-2018, 13:00

Impressive setup by Bas and Manuel! I had a fun afternoon at the Philips Museum in Eindhoven. Big smile

Van Wlcracks

Champion (431)

afbeelding van Wlcracks

09-04-2018, 03:27

Van RamonMSX

Expert (123)

afbeelding van RamonMSX

10-04-2018, 08:13

I found this video on YouTube. It was indeed a very nice event. Great to see the Philips MSX machines in all their glory. I also enjoyed playing Munchkin on the Philips Videopac G7400, which was my very first computer. Thanks to Manuel, Bas and all other participants.

Van Manuel

Ascended (17256)

afbeelding van Manuel

05-03-2019, 11:22

Van Robby

Master (198)

afbeelding van Robby

08-03-2019, 15:56

Maybe they should consider displaying a msx on one of the pictures, while mentioning it in the text above Tongue