MSX with internal batteries

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Van sdsnatcher73

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21-08-2018, 06:27

You can leave it out, it is not needed for normal operation. You will miss saving screen settings and the system clock. Both will be reset after a power cycle. If you insist on these features you will need to keep or replace the battery.

I have asked Repair-Bas some time ago this very same question. According to him the battery in these machines don’t really leak all that often (or ever). There seem to be contradicting stories out on the forum, but most are hearsay. I have not seen actual people saying it happened to them (which of course does not mean it has never happened). It is hard to judge if this will happen to your machine and that probably depends on your location and climate. I can imagine that differences in temperature and humidity influence the battery’s life. But how and to what extent is again hard to judge.

Van pix retro

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21-08-2018, 09:08

Thanks @sdsnatcher!!

Van gdx

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21-08-2018, 10:16

By cons, ML2032 batteries wear out very quickly when the charger does not stop automatically the charge when the battery is full.

Van Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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21-08-2018, 21:23

I have a Panasonic Fs-A1FX, as far as I know It doesn't have RTC nor batteries. Am I wrong?

Van Meits

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21-08-2018, 21:34

It does have an rtc and a compartiment on the bottom where two AA batteries can be placed.
If they leak, the spring contact might corrode, but the mainboard will never be harmed.

Van SkalTura

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22-10-2018, 08:08

sdsnatcher73 wrote:

it is not needed for normal operation.

Without the battery to save the screen settings, my Sony goes to a default black screen.
So when it's started you need to use the F6-key to set a default blue and white text screen in order to see what you are doing.
So in my case it was a better choice to just replace the battery.

Van friguron

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16-05-2019, 23:36

BTW, just a random fact that made my 8250 "cadnica" battery come to life some days ago...

In fact, for months, I thought my 8250 battery had died from being old. Why? Apparently I had long lost my ability to remember width80 columns mode between resets, datetime, etc...

But, as in the last weeks I've been opening and messing with my 8250 MoBo and hardware, I just observed that the battery soldering points were kind of cracked and brittle. I mean, the battery was even somehow rattling in its holes if you tried to move it gently...

Then I had some quick thought, and said, "maybe it was just the soldering points not making a proper contact..." So I took my soldering iron, some flux, and redid the 2 soldering points against the MoBo, leaving them shiny and polished as brand new.

What happened next? My 8250 started to remember things again, and width 80 between sessions and date time came to life again Smile

OTOH, and BTW, this battery from this NMS 8250 seems to be perfectly dry, no leaks, no bulging, no nothing, working as new (well, probably not because of the expectable Ni-Cd degradation, but still).
Unless I notice something strange, I won't be disconnecting it from the MoBo. In the worst sceneario I can imagine, that is the battery leaking and causing some uncertain wreckage, I'm more than sure that wil be easy to fix, as it's placed in a MoBo zone with no really critical components around it.


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