Forcing the No Wind Interface into dos 2.x rom boot?

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Paladin (806)

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05-07-2018, 16:02

I've got here a NMS-8220 which I want to use in combination with the No Wind but for some reason it keeps booting up with DOS/disk rom 1.0 causing my disk to redirect to basic. Only once I did see it boot in a DOS 2.x mode but I can't figure out what I did different that time Sad

Does any of you have any expericence using NoWind with the NMS-8220 or forcing it into a dos 2.x mode?

Thanks in advance.

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Paladin (806)

afbeelding van WORP3

05-07-2018, 16:26

After lots of searching around it seems that when you use the help (-h) from the program itself, a far more longer list is shown then what can be found in the manual.
To force NoWind into a dos 2.x mode, just use -2 or -dos2 inside the command line. Works like a charm Big smile