sofarom with patched roms

Door GUNMA747J

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05-08-2018, 07:02

hi,i found sofarun doesnt want to boot the patched salamander,gradius and homebrew ,device using 1chipmsx with mapper megaram,what should i do now?

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Van fernando.collazo.5682

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06-08-2018, 15:39

Is your 1chipmsx updated to latest KdL firmware?

Van Manuel

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06-08-2018, 23:52

How did you patch your ROMs? Do the patched ROMs work in MSX emulators?

Van gdx

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07-08-2018, 11:47

The fact that patched roms work or not does not depend on Sofarun. The Rom loader set by default is SROM.COM. That loader support a lot of device but your device will not necessarily be detected by default. The user must set the loader and options suitable for used device.


Expert (100)

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14-08-2018, 14:49

yes,all of them works perfectly