More maps for game Daisenryaku available?

Door Scubaduiker

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13-08-2018, 22:40


I'm a big fan of the game Daisenryaku (it's the first part of the Daisenryaku serie) and I play this game still almost weekly :-)

The game on youtube:

I'm wondering, if someone knows if there are more maps available for this game. Would be great :-) Thanks in advance!


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Van Manuel

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13-08-2018, 23:18

Never tried Daisenryaku II Campaign Version? I actually played that game for a while. Great, but a bit slow. Fantastic music.

Van TheKid

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14-08-2018, 08:04

@Scubaduiker: Yes, this game is awesome. I have played it a lot too, long before part 2 was released. I is so addictive Smile
I even have a dutch translated version. Unfortunately I don't have any maps.

There seems to be an official maps release, but I can't find that diskimage on the net. Anyone has this disk?

Van Scubaduiker

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14-08-2018, 12:56

Hi Manuel / TheKid,

Never knew the existance of the Great Strategy Map Selection!I have again something too look out for :-) Thanks!
If someone has this disk, I would be very happy!

I'm so addicted to the first release, that I haven't played the Campaign Version yet... I will start playing this one soon too I guess :-)

I found an other Japanse link, but unfortunately without download possibility.

Van TheKid

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14-08-2018, 15:06

Another link, it seems there was a Takeru version aswell.

There must be someone out there who has the disk or image..

Van Scubaduiker

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14-08-2018, 15:52

We get a bit closer already, I found a torrent link :-)

Daisenryaku 88 (1986)(System Soft)(Disk 2 of 3)(Map Collection).zip62 KB


Still I have to find me a pc to install this torrent software. I don't like it that much when such software is on my default pc.

Van Sylvester

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14-08-2018, 19:56

The torrent link is for the NEC PC-88 version of Daisenryaku, not MSX. The MSX Maps version is released on only one disk. But the map collections for all three games seem to be pretty rare.

Van Scubaduiker

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16-08-2018, 20:42

Hi Sylvester, ah, you are unfortunately right... Thanks for your investigation Smile

I have now created an account at and will search for it there too but I have still also some hope that someone here has the maps too Smile

Van Randam

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16-08-2018, 20:58

I think I have at least the super daisenryaku map collection and Daisenryaku customer Kit somewhere. So they do exist.

I do wonder if it is possible to create the levels from the pc88 version on MSX if they are not already in the map collections.

Van Scubaduiker

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16-08-2018, 21:14

Hi Randam, would be great if you could search for it! I guess this one I will play too a lot soon Smile

At a Japanese auction I found that the Great Strategy Map Selection was sold a year ago, so it still exists, but it's very rare...

I will continue the search :)