Who played Firebird? Some help needed

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Van mars2000you

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26-08-2018, 20:00

Unfortunaly, most of the passwords for the cheats will not work on the 'MSX Translations' version, but only on the Japanese version or the Django translation.

See this thread for more info about the translated passwords : https://www.msx.org/news/en/firebird-english-translation

Van Randam

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26-08-2018, 20:15

Small thing: Hinotori is a manga series written by Osamu Tezuka and published by Kadokawa Shoten.

The passwords for the English version are translated as well so those also convey what they are about (except for the nanda password which perhaps is referring to a Konami Magazine back in the day of which there were advertisements in the manuals of that time as well).

Van larsthe18th

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26-08-2018, 22:43

And there is also a Password Generator for the original game!

Van hamlet

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26-08-2018, 23:19

This is nice, man!
Good researched knowledge in pleasant design. I can't wait for your book to come out.

Van Feiraco

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27-08-2018, 20:42

wimpie3 wrote:

Let's hope this helps?

That is absolutely fantastic Wim, thanks! For sure that is of your upcoming book on Konami. I am looking foward to it!
We really should preserve our knowledge of such games for 'eternity' in a single place as a book.

Van Hydragon

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29-08-2018, 11:53

If I recall correctly, the english translation patch from MSX Translations, also has the passwords translated. The game was more enjoyable to actually be to understand the game. \o/

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