Second batch of Children of the Night


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afbeelding van MICROMANCERS

29-08-2018, 14:24

The Second Coming of Lord Drakul is near. His minions are working hard on the second batch of Children of the Night. Shipments will begin very soon. If you made a reservation, check your inbox, for you may have an e-mail or receive it in the following weeks.

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Van pmack

Master (130)

afbeelding van pmack

31-08-2018, 19:39

Is there a way to still pre-order this? If not, when will it be available for regular purchase? Thanks


Resident (55)

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31-08-2018, 21:12

Hello Pmack!

We will post some information about regular purchases after serving all pre-orders. That will probably be by October or November.

Anyway, send us an e-mail ( contact at micromancers dot com ) and we will provide you detailed information.

Best regards!


Resident (55)

afbeelding van MICROMANCERS

12-09-2018, 10:05

Lord Drakul's minions are contacting users who reserved Children of the Night. If you reserved the game but have not received an e-mail from MICROMANCERS, worry not: we will contact you in a few weeks at most.

Also, we have tried to contact some users who made the reservation but haven't received any reply. So, please: check the mail account from which you made the reservation. Don't make Lord Drakul angry!

Van Grauw

Ascended (10056)

afbeelding van Grauw

12-09-2018, 10:58

Thanks for the reminder! It slipped my mind, I just paid.