Sonyc on 60Hz NTSC?

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Paladin (833)

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08-09-2018, 13:17

Hey all,

After having previously only discovered two MSX games that support PAL displays only ("Crafton & Xunk" and "Manbow 2") -- with one of them having a patch to make it playable on NTSC displays (Manbow 2) -- I think I may have found a third now as well: "Sonyc." As far as I can tell, Sonyc is a 50Hz PAL-exclusive title... which is a problem, as here in the U.S., the vast majority of TVs simply do not support 50Hz input. Apparently that's not the case in PAL territories -- lots of PAL TVs support NTSC just fine -- but sadly, NTSC territories are a bit more walled in, for whatever reason, and I've got nothing in my possession that can accommodate a 50Hz PAL signal.

So I was just wondering if there's some way to force the game into 60Hz mode on startup, as with some other homebrew games I've played (e.g. hold Select on boot for Montana John and Dr. Pill, or press the appropriate number key on the title screen for Transball) -- and if not, does anyone know if a 60Hz patch was ever produced for it? It's not a game I'm absolutely DYING to play or anything, but I've been steadily exploring the MSX library, and have been curious about Sonyc for a long time now. And while it's fortunate that it seems to support my memory mapper cartridge (since I'm running a Japanese 64 KB RAM system), it's... less fortunate that the graphics presently consist of a rapidly flipping series of squashed game screens on my TV. Wink

Any help would be appreciated.



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Van Guillian

Prophet (3312)

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08-09-2018, 13:33

From the README.TXT (^^!)


3. About TV frecuencies
This game was developed for 50Hz, but if your TV or monitor only works
at 60Hz, you can change the frecuency by pressing the keys 5 or 6 in the main
menu. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to use it at 50Hz.

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Paladin (833)

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08-09-2018, 21:16

I... didn't even notice the readme. Boy, do I feel silly! Wink

Thank you!