SD Snatcher signed by Kojima

Door jsianes

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20-11-2018, 00:21


I just won in an Ebay auction a SD Snatcher copy for MSX signed by Kojima. The thing is in the cover you can see two additional autographs. I think the one in the middle is from Mr. Kojima, but I have no idea about the others.

Can any of you with better knowledge:

- Confirm if I've being ripped off or not? Is that the original Kojima autograph?
- Anybody knows the two additional autographs on the sides?


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Van TheKid

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20-11-2018, 08:31

The autographs look genuine. Look at this picture:
The autograph on the left is from "Yoji Shinkawa"

Van o.geerdink

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20-11-2018, 08:47


Van journey

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20-11-2018, 13:42


This is my copy of Metal Gear2: Solid Snake signed by Kojima

Van jsianes

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20-11-2018, 18:44

It seems legit. There was an event in Amsterdam during June 2008 where Kojima was presenting MGS4. Attending the event was also Yoji Shinkawa and Yumi Kikuchi (left and right signatures). So, everything fits pretty well.

Quite happy with my acquisition!

Van journey

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20-11-2018, 19:15

Mine was signed in 2002 during the MGS2 presentation in Milan (Italy)

Van Latok

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20-11-2018, 21:54

I was at the 2008 signing event in Amsterdam and I had to put quite some effort in making sure my SD Snatcher was only signed by Kojima. You had to submit your object in advance at some security checkpoint. As most people wanted to sign a Metal Gear Solid item, it was obvious the object had to be signed by Hideo Kojima, Yoji Shinkawa and Yumi Kikuchi...

For me, signatures of both Yoji Shinkawa and Yumi Kikuchi on an SD Snatcher game didn't make sense. I practically pulled the item out Yumi Kikuchi her hands. Which was a bit of an odd situation.

Ah well Smile