Russian Yamaha MSX2 machine

Door edoz

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28-11-2018, 13:49

Hey, i saw this movie here:

I was curious about this machine. Does anyone know what this module is that he is taking out at this video?

Youtube started on this point where he ejected the module

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Van hamlet

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28-11-2018, 14:08

Should be the network cart.
Like this vid. He shows some ANMA disk and seems to be a big-box-fan.

Van Robby

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28-11-2018, 14:40

YAMAHA - YIS-805/128R2

See for example:
with i/o unit module for networking

Van Pencioner

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28-11-2018, 15:32

Charismatic guy, in the video he says that he bought that computer for around $1500 and so that it should be cleaned carefully before use, to reduce the possibility of fail because of dust Smile
And yep, that's a networking I/O module, the same one as in YIS503IIIR russian school's Yamahas.

Van rderooy

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28-11-2018, 15:54

You can also find info here on the wiki.

It was meant to be the teachers machine, which is meant to be used with the YIS503IIIR which was the student machine.

Van edoz

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28-11-2018, 16:23

Very cool. Thanks!