Looking for FS-A1F dump or remade ROM

Door Tabajara-Labs

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22-01-2019, 22:29

My FS-A1F finally works Smile The HIC-1 replacement is done, and I'm trying to connect a floppy drive (made the adapter but there is something wrong, keep getting "disk offline" and motor does not run, but this is subject for another post). I'd love to install an internal FM board, so I'm looking for the full ROM dump (in just one file, I don't know how the many parts are organized in the 128K ROM) without the cockpit, or better, already with FM code inserted


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Van Albert77

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23-01-2019, 06:27

Did you connect the Drive ready signal?

Van Tabajara-Labs

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31-01-2019, 16:31

Yep, and it wasn't related to it, but to a missing "motor on" connection on the FS-A1F mainboard.
Here you can see the solution