MSX2+ Sony HB F1 XDJ for sale

Door daniel683104

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09-02-2019, 20:30

I have finished this MSX2+ Sony HB F1XDJ with this bunch of modifications.

Internally expanded to 512K RAM
Capacitor replaced for new ones included the ones that causes the sound problems on almost every MSX2 and MSX2+ Sony computers
New internal Batery with new holder (the original is stick to the motherboard and usually causes corrosion problems)
New adapted PC drive (you won´t noted from outside) but never have problems with the original drive rubber belt.

It has been cleaned , it´s 100% operational and very good looking (see pictures below)

price is 350 euros + shipment

contact me on

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Van daniel683104

Paragon (1229)

afbeelding van daniel683104

10-02-2019, 22:20

unit is sold, soon I will get some more stuff