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Door Ivan

Ascended (9060)

afbeelding van Ivan

10-02-2019, 09:00

@MRC admins: wouldn't it be a good idea to open a forum dedicated to the V9990? Quite a lot of discussions going on lately about this video display processor + it would be a good place to encourage developers to create software for it.

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Van Manel46

Champion (386)

afbeelding van Manel46

10-02-2019, 09:49

I sign up for the forum.
Lately I am testing the different bitmap modes.

Van Ivan

Ascended (9060)

afbeelding van Ivan

12-02-2019, 20:16

Up! What's the admins' opinion on this?

Van DamnedAngel

Expert (121)

afbeelding van DamnedAngel

12-02-2019, 20:45

+1 for the dedicated forum.

Van Manel46

Champion (386)

afbeelding van Manel46

13-02-2019, 01:09
There is already a forom on this topic. And I see that there is not too much movement ...
For me, here is also good.

Van Ivan

Ascended (9060)

afbeelding van Ivan

13-02-2019, 10:02

That's not a forum, it is just a thread.

Van Wlcracks

Champion (314)

afbeelding van Wlcracks

13-02-2019, 16:49

Can we get a forum for 16kb RAM MSX1 without engine, without external hardware, with mono sound output only, cvbs out connected to crt and right cursor keys sticks?

Van Latok

msx guru (3636)

afbeelding van Latok

13-02-2019, 19:04

V9990 finally has momentum, so I understand Ivan his proposal. Might give it another boost!

Van keith56

Master (149)

afbeelding van keith56

14-02-2019, 05:00

I'm not sure what this would achieve, i mean, if lots of people were asking lots of V9990 questions, then it would make sense, but is there that much activity?

And, ChibiAkumas supports V9K and regular MSX2 - so would I post it in both forums? or just one? - Either answer seems wrong to me!

Van msd

Paragon (1372)

afbeelding van msd

14-02-2019, 08:10

@keith56: On the v9990 forum you just ask questions/talk about details of the v9990.

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