MSX Magazine #0 value?

Door Szczepaniak

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19-02-2019, 10:08

I have a copy of MSX magazine issue 0:

I checked eBay but there does not seem to be any copies for sale. The mags which are available all come from Japan and start at £30.

It's got a nice feature and photo with the guy behind Xevious and also Alfos, which was a Xevious clone.

Is there value in this being issue 0? I would describe the condition as very good to excellent, given that it's a 30+ year old magazine.

I'm actually having a big Marie Kondo style clear out of my collection. This is probably the only MSX specific item I have - I picked it up while in Japan, chatting to one of the guys formerly at ASCII. Here's a video I shot, showing an MSX prototype:

If I put it on eBay it will probably on the weekend, whereupon I will update this topic.

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Van Szczepaniak

Expert (87)

afbeelding van Szczepaniak

23-02-2019, 12:54

And it's up for sale now: