Bare boards for sale

Door Alexey

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24-02-2019, 01:28

I am offering for sale the following bare boards:

- F4/FMPAC combo board (new revision) - 4 Euro
- SGC (Small Games Cartridge) board - 3 Euro
- SGC cartridge adapter for EEPROM programmer - 3 Euro (I can add a 50 pin slot connector for 2 Euro)
- RGBS to Composite/S-Video converter board (for AD724/AD725 chips) - 4 Euro

- Side slot Gotek adapter board (a minor fix is needed) - 5 Euro (I can add a 60 pin slot connector for 2 Euro)

The shipment is 5 Euro without tracker, 7 Euro with tracker. The payment is possible via Paypal or via SEPA wire transfer (for EU countries). The buyer pays 3-7% Paypal fee (depending on the country) if the money is sent as for the commercial product.

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Van kiwimsx

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06-03-2019, 20:18

Good friend, I'm interested but I'm a bad welder. What would be the total with the welded components and connector for fdd or gotek. Thank you. Smile

Van Alexey

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07-03-2019, 11:32

Sorry, Gotek adapter boards are all reserved now. I don't take any more orders.