[WANTED] Pioneer PX-7 keyboard

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04-03-2019, 23:32

I am looking for a Pioneer PX-7 keyboard, in small money (cheap). And I/O cable or pinout (schematic) for PX-7 to LaserDisc.
Please write to my email.

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Van Wavydave2

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13-04-2020, 11:57

Hi did you find the pinout for the i/o cable. It uses 8 pin din u shape or horseshoe. The pins used are 1 ,4 ,7.
This is pin to pin. I have just made 2 up.
Do you have the laserdisc player and games.

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16-04-2020, 17:53

Unfortunately I don't have games; although I had an advertisement here and I had a transaction but someone bought me. I would love to buy games and Laser Disc Player. But offers - prices are my wish for prv, that someone would not buy me again. I have for sale - exchange PIONEER PX7 (pal). I would prefer the NTSC version.