Lpe z380 software?

Door erpirao

Paladin (890)

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09-03-2019, 22:37

After many years looking for it, in the end I managed to buy a lpeZ380.
I would like to know if someone from the forum has any software for it, any kind of software.
thank you.

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Van jltursan

Prophet (2129)

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10-03-2019, 11:14

OMG!, where have you found this gem, from Leonardo himself?

Nice to remember these old benchmarks now when we're talking again so much about other CPUs...

The only software I know is the one hosted in Konamiman's page or here, the GEMZ emulator from TNI.

Van hamlet

Scribe (2353)

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10-03-2019, 19:00

Patriek from TNI asked me to also suggests GEMZ, his Gameboy Emulator for MSX with Z380.
You can contact him via the tni homepage.