its great to be here

Door compile81

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09-01-2007, 18:25

first i want to say
Congrats on this wonderful website ^_^
when i was little i always loved the msx
and recently im soooo addicted to it again hehehe
for some reason no other computer can beat the charm of the wonderful MSX
the games all had their own unique style of graphics and music.
and it still rocks !!!!!!! ^_^ hehe
a little while i found an Fm pack in an old shop and i decided to try it on my msx.
i didn use my msx for quite a while but when i used the fm pack ^_^ i was hooked instantly.
it made me remember how awesome that computer already was at that time.
the graphics / sound and a lot of things where way ahead on his time.
and nothing can beat the playability of those games.
and the replay value is limitless.
those where the days tunes still got stuck in your head and u where whisteling them the whole day long.
^_^ thats the way gaming always hould have been.

well guys im glad to be here
and i know for sure it will be awesome being amongst an group of pure msx fans again.

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Van snout

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09-01-2007, 18:28

Welcome to the MRC, Compile81! Smile

Van compile81

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09-01-2007, 21:45

thanks snout ^_^

Van Abi

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09-01-2007, 22:41

welcome and i am sure you wil discover much more of your "little" MSX !
Have fun like the rest we have with our msx!

Van compile81

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11-01-2007, 15:54

^_^ thanks guys