Keyboard membrane in bad shape

Door cbmeeks

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23-03-2019, 23:28

Hello. I have just received my first MSX based computer. It's a Sony Hit-Bit F1XD mk2 (MSX2).

The keyboard doesn't hardly work. Only a few keys register. When I took it apart, I noticed the membrane was in bad shape. The flex cable (at the end) looks to be missing some of the contacts.

It's also a Mitsumi keyboard, if that helps.

Is there somewhere I can get a replacement keyboard membrane?


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Van sd_snatcher

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24-03-2019, 00:51

PalMal sells a high quality reproduction of this keyboard membrane. Try contacting him.

Van Meits

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24-03-2019, 03:21

Be aware that he starts producing when there are enough pre-orders. A few years ago I needed a few membranes as well. It took halve a year to gather that many people (I handed the group buy to someone else cuz I didn't wanna redistrubute them all). 100 membrane orders were required. Now I do not clearly remember if it needed to be 100 in total or 100 per model (sony and panasonic). More than a year after I ran into the need of a membrane I got mine.

Be sure to contact the guy sd_snatcher mentioned, cuz he's the guy to go to. I had quite quick e-mail contact with him, but others say he's hard to reach. Just persist and hope that there's already quite a list of pre-orderers. Too bad they can't be bought in any shop in any city anymore.

Tip: Order more than one. You never know if you need yet another replacement. It might keep your keys functional for the rest of your life.
Tip 2: The Sony membranes are a bit hard to put in if you don't have tiny fingers. The connectors on the clone membranes are not enforced and will bend easily while the connector is hidden away between high obstructions. A pair of extra hands could come in handy.

Good luck.

Van cbmeeks

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24-03-2019, 21:47

Thanks for the suggestions.

I will see about dropping him a line.