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Door Rogerup

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24-03-2019, 15:48

In 1992, in a small town in the interior of Brazil, I saw the picture of the Tetris game in a magazine, and read the text about how to play the game.

Since I had no way to play the game, I made my one (based on the photo and instructions).

Today, 27 years later, I noticed that I made the long Tetromino a little short, 3 blocks instead of 4 (It is a Tromino).

Keys: N_ew, M_usic, P_ause, B_asic, R_epeat (It repeats the same last game to compete with friends).

Here is the link if anyone wants to try it:

Play online

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Van Manuel

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24-03-2019, 15:55

Did you get inspired by the Mirrorsoft Tetris game?

Van Rogerup

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24-03-2019, 16:11


I didn't remember the Magazine and the Developer. I remember I made the image very similar to the photo, LOL.

Most likely it was the game below that I cloned, and since the magazine had no sound, I created mine based on one of the Tiger Heli's songs (Arcade).

MSX Tetris Video

Van hamlet

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24-03-2019, 18:29

Nice version. The three units Tromino is surely a novum for Tetris.

Van mfeingol

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24-03-2019, 18:06

Really nice, especially since you'd never played an actual Tetris game before. The gameplay is great.

One small bug: when you press down to drop a tile quickly, sometimes that affects the speed of the next tile as well, even though you've already stopped holding down the down cursor key.

Van Manuel

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24-03-2019, 21:04

I have some problems with that too, and in my case it negatively influences the game play. I'm used to having a small chance to still move the block, even after it landed. But I find that hard in this version. (I'm not sure you even added that feature, as you never played the original game before when you wrote it...)
Also funny to see that "STATS" became "STATUS" Smile

Van Rogerup

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24-03-2019, 21:35

You can move the piece after it landed if it's in "slow fall", otherwise, the next piece appears immediately, this is a bug.

If you play a lot (as I played) this is not a problem, as accelerating and braking the pieces becomes easy.

I mixed Portuguese and English words in the game.