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Van ali6x944

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26-06-2019, 10:22

The problem was as simple as a weird doggy step-down cable, @Gloriou have bought a new HB-?900 since the first one we where repairing, and it behaved exactly the same, popped the fuse no image, which made us question the step-down cable, he went to his kitchen where he had 110v ac outlet, he plugged the HB-F900 we where repairing into 110v directly, and the computer sprung back to life!!!!
The keyboard works, the screen works, everything is ok, but the sound volume is a bit low, however things are looking great Running Naked in a Field of Flowers
I did suspect the cable at the beginning, but later was insured that it functions correctly, apparently am not sure yet it uses a single winding transformer to reduce the voltage, autotransformer.
It is possible that at power-up the surge current is too high for the supply to handle, or that the voltage is too high when the rectifier cap shows as open circuit when it is charged.

Van Gloriou

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27-06-2019, 14:12

Thank you everyone for helping. Really that was strange since I used same step-down transformer 220-100 for the other Japanese versions of MSX2 (Sony XDJ, Sony XV & even Turbo GT) however since we knew the problem, I'm very happy with my Sony HB900 Big smile

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